Temple Street Children's Hospital One Day Festival Of Running presents Route 66 Covid Challenge 2020 in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital

Event ID : 2NFtB90Jfl

Category : Running

Race Contact : Ciaran Byrne 0877997796; Sinead Tarmey 0879874556

Date & Starting Time : 31 December 2020 at 10:00am

Description :
Route 66 Covid Challenge 2020 in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital Looking for a challenge with a difference before the end of the year? Why not take part in the Route 66 in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital? Souvenir Medallion and Certificate of Participation For your efforts you will receive a certificate of participation and a Temple Street Route 66 Covid Challenge 2020 medallion by post. What have you to do? Register at wwww.sportzone.ie and set yourself a target. Simply post (or pm me) a screenshot/ short video (no more than 66 seconds)/no more than 66 word account of your challenge and you will receive your certificate and souvenir medallion in the post. What is my challenge? It’s a Route 66 Challenge so you simply have to complete some task with a theme of sixty-six or six point six. Examples of challenges: How quickly can I run/walk/cycle 6.6km? How quickly can I run/walk/cycle 6.6 miles? How far can I run/walk/cycle in 6.6 minutes (6 mins 36 seconds)? How many sit ups/press ups/burpees can I do in 66 seconds? How many times can I solo the ball in 66 seconds? How many baskets can I shoot in 66 seconds? It is up to you to set your own challenge but remember the theme is 66/6.6 either by time or distance or activity. All proceeds go to Temple Street Children’s Hospital, a world-class medical facility for sick children. In these strange times the invaluable work of the hospital must continue. All charities are feeling the effects of the lack of fundraising and Temple Street Children’s Hospital is no different. Remember by participating in this challenge you are making a huge difference to the lives of some very sick children and their families. How to Enter: Log onto www.sportszone.ie Registration fee €20. Closing date for completion of your challenge is midnight on 31st of December (or whenever the limited number of participants has been reached). Medallion and Certificate will be posted out as soon as you notify me of the completion of your challenge. This challenge is limited to fifty participants so register immediately to secure your place. Good luck, enjoy and know that you are helping some very sick children by participating in this fun event.



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